The Soft Glow of Style

My dearest readers, viewers, observers, and all those viewing this web page via some form of clairvoyance. No doubt the number of you is greater than most, seeing as I just finished my conference on Effective Clairvoyance: How to Maintain a Psychic Connection in an Age of Unbelief and Skepticism. A record turnout! I could see 25 people in the audience and I could feel at least 200 more watching from the astral plane. Do be sure to book the next conference, and secure tickets for all of your unenlightened friends.

Speaking of which, here’s a brief taster for you all. Module six of the conference dealt with lighting, and the appropriate level of it to reach a state of clarity. An interesting phenomenon, especially since commercial LED lighting in Melbourne has diversified in recent years. In fact, I could tell you in expert detail of the perfect types of lights to properly enter the clairvoyance trance. Those little desk lamps simply aren’t acceptable, while the longer, standing style are slightly more malleable. If you’re on a budget, I suggest four standing lamps in a concentric circle formation around your meditation zone. I know many people use candles in their meditation but they simply don’t put out enough positive energy. Such a thing means that the light is equal…and all things need to be in balance, should you wish to touch the spirit world.

Fortunately, your options are greater still when it comes to lighting choices. That which can be described as art is a great deal of help in this matter, which is why designer lighting can be so helpful. Such designs, coming out of such great minds! If ever you were to splurge on anything that is NOT my gift shop, I suggest searching for some designer lighting in Melbourne. A clairvoyant trance is simply easier to achieve when you are lit by the soft glow of a helix-shaped lamp.