Holistic Healing


Welcome to the world of Oriium.


Holistic Healing for the All Beings

Oriium is, in essence, that which we all are. It is the interconnected space that holds the substance of our collective being, and the source of the grace, humour and inspiration that we mortal beings need to flourish.

My practice as a spiritual healer is founded on the belief that all beings have equal access to this wellspring, and the right to draw on it at will. In this earthly lifetime, I’ve been called to journey deep into my Oriium aspect, passing through a series of immersive initiations to a point of mastery and adopting it as my identity.

From this process has emerged a unique modality for guiding others to this arena for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Weaving together elements of divination, ancestral channeling and intuitive spellwork, the Oriium method creates a gentle container for becoming connected to your source, enabling your highest self to find you across all lifetimes.


Access Unbounded Health and Wellbeing

The Oriium journey offers an array of benefits of immeasurable value. These include:

  • Increased physical energy and vitality
  • Clearer thought and mental organisation
  • Enhanced creativity, flexibility and follow-through
  • Stronger sense of life purpose
  • Psychic development
  • Removal of psychic waste
  • Contact with ancestors
  • Recall of latent gifts and healing abilities from other lifetimes

If you’d like to experience all this and more, simply know that the power is in your hands.