Combining Both Hair and Nature

Dearest ones, and the technicolour spectrum of those from loathed all the way to ‘those of whom I am fond’, which is the rank below dearest. Welcome! I hope that here you will spiritually and figuratively take a load off your weary, figurative feet and find figurative rest.


And what a day, because tonight is the annual gala for all of Australia’s spiritualists and faerie guides! Once again I have not been invited to speak…which is curious. Quite curious indeed. Still, I relish the chance to learn from my peers, and possibly even my inferiors. No two trips to the faerie realm are the same, you know.

Fortunately I have learned from the last time. Hairdressers in the Melbourne CBD are becoming more and more diverse by the day, accepting new styles and taking on the most eclectic of challenges, which means it’s the perfect place to prepare myself. One simply cannot be seen with a standard, attractive hairstyle at the gala. Such a thing is surely enough to cause the faerie presence to scatter, since the fair folk are repulsed by anything ordinary. This time I have considered having my hair cut and styled like that of a beehive. You see, dear readers, the noble beehive is not only an eclectic style…it is also representative of life. Such life and activity around the beehive! A cornucopia of work and birth and industry! I shall represent the bees with beads- bead bees- small and golden, glistening in my beehive hair like gems. Celestia Grande will have no choice but to acknowledge me now!

And fortunately, as of last year I’m now aware of the hairdresser in St James’ Place where Celestia has her OWN hair done. I’m quite content having my hair done for the gala without there being negative vibes created by terse small-talk. Avoid negative vibes at all costs, children. And if a person is surrounded by such vibes…it’s best to simply avoid them altogether.