Those Blessed Conveyers of Homes

Friends, seekers, those who practice the art of calculating finances and detecting evasions of such things, welcome to my corner of the internet! I seek to dole out humble advice, so please do not think of me as some universal, spiritual wellspring of wisdom!

For tax purposes I am obligated to remind you that this information is offered freely and is in no way associated with for-profit organisations or institutions.

Ahem…anyway, many of the fortunate ones among you will own your own home, a symbol of comfort and a place that is hopefully a sanctum sanctorum where you may focus your thoughts in peace. One of my most dedicated students eventually advanced to the rank of conveyancer, and in local Brighton where homes are sought after, this was a prestigious position indeed. The sea is so eagerly pursued by mankind, and for good reasons. The infinite vastness of the oceans, the sea air that seems pure enough to be the breath of the spirits…to be a conveyancer in such a place would be a pleasure indeed. This friend of mine was, as I have said, once a student, but they eventually rose to become one of my dearest friends. Thus, you can be sure that I know the ins and outs of home ownership, and what it means for your spiritual future.

See, once you move into a new home, you start a process of spiritual transference that will infuse the walls with your individuality, a lot like mould but it’s actually a good thing. That’s why you can sense a person’s individuality when stepping into a new home; the walls declare their very selves! That is why owning your own home is a blessed commodity. You are able to create your own, private sanctuary, all you, all the time, and soak in your familiar juices. And to all the conveyancers in Mentone, St Kilda, Brighton…even places further in! Your work is pure and wonderful.