My future fortune

app development coursesEveryone is always coming up with new app ideas. Genius ideas they think everyone will love. 99% of the time they are wrong and their idea is either stupid or has been done. However, I really think I have come up with the 1% of ideas that will change the world. The next “Snappy Chat” I believe. I am half way through a 12 month app design course. I don’t want to trust an app developer with my idea so I am becoming one! Mobile application development is a massive industry and I figure even if by some strange twist of fate my app idea doesn’t take off then at least I have the tools to develop other people’s app designs. I obviously can’t tell you my idea at this point because the patent is yet to be approved but let’s just say it involves beer, football and food. Sounds good already, I know. I have actually designed quite a few apps that I plan to develop with my new found skills. One that has been patented is called ‘freshest juice’, essentially it would connect thirsty users with the freshest bottle of juice available. I am using freshest juice as a trial project for my app development course in Melbourne. Currently it only serves inner Melbourne but it is highly specific so if you want an orange juice it will connect with the latest sealed bottle of orange juice available within a personalised distance to you. Eventually this could expand beyond juice, I imagine a world in which people are craving an Indian and they can be hooked up with the most recently cooked curry in their area! I am learning both Java and Android platforms during my app development studies so I can spread my football, beer and food app far and wide. I already have an interested buyer! Exciting times for app design students.