The best brand for ovens and fridges (hint: you’ll never guess what it is)

ilve appliances

I guess you might call me a bit of a white goods floozy. What do you expect when they keep breaking down on me? I’ve had all kinds of appliances in all kinds of brands and have written countless online reviews on the topic. Now I’m going to give you my evaluation of the best fridges you can find in Sydney stores.

First I had a Whirlpool fridge. That one lasted a few years. I think I overfilled it and the darn thing carked it, but still, they should build em better or something to accommodate for people who eat a lot of food and need their fridges fully stocked at all times. It wasn’t until I got my Fisher and Paykel that I really got a brain freeze. That thing started playing up as soon as I bought it. It was still under warranty thankfully so I called Sydney Fisher and Paykel repairs to sort it out. The repairs company were surprisingly good though because they fixed it in no time. I don’t understand why they don’t just get those guys to build the fridges, they’d do a better job of it!

After that, I had a an IlVE which is a great machine… until it breaks. I got that one repaired by the same company that did the F&P. Turns out I’d left the door open overnight and the fridge just gave out. When I called the ILVE repairs, Sydney mechanics had a laugh at me for being such an “irresponsible fridge owner”.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to tell you the best brands for appliances, particularly fridges, and let me say that it’s not what you expect. Actually, the best brand is none of them cos they’re all as good or as bad as each other. The main thing that counts is the refrigeration repairs company that do the hard yards.