Non human me: Tech genius

game design in MelbourneWhen I first realised I was a non-human I was pretty upset. My whole life I thought I was made of flesh and blood but it turns out inside I’m just metal and plastic. My human parents never had the heart to tell me that I actually do not have a heart. I could have continued my life not knowing that I was different but eventually signs would have started showing. I age at a very slow rate and have a higher level of intellect than most human forms. Careers for my kind are limited to tech, we do far better with machines than humans. I went with my parents to look at a professional video game design course in Melbourne. They figured it would be a good way for me to use my intellect and creatively express myself. At first I found my new found robotic being thoroughly depressing. I was perfectly happy thinking I was a human and now I suddenly had to change my outlook on things.

My parents assured me it didn’t change the way they felt about me and to be fair to them the only change I felt was their sudden desire for me to get into the technology industry. They signed me up to the video game design course in Melbourne and kept telling me it would be a great way for me to embrace who I am and live up to my potential. I suppose they are right. I can achieve greatness and should not settle for human mediocrity when I am capable of so much more. I do enjoy the idea of video game design, it’s much more insetting to me than science or engineering. Although game design does have a lot of maths involved if you’re doing it right. The course can be achieved within an absolute time frame of 12 months. According to previous statistics humans tend to finish it around the 12 month mark whereas non humans complete it with distinction within 3-6 months. Only time will reveal all.