Nailing That Ethereal Look

cool makeup Dearest, children, dearest children…did you know that once upon a time, I had a shop front?

Yes, it seems so very far away now, but I welcomed many customers into my mystical den of wisdom and incense. Unfortunately I had to close my doors after the price of incense became too high, and also possibly something to do with…goods being sold. I can assure you, I thought they were ordinary healing leaves that happened to look like other leaves. After that injustice, I took my wisdom to the internet, but I still offer advice to those with doors that are open.

Atmosphere…that is of great importance. Your beloved customers must be in the right frame of mind. That’s why I got Nera to do my makeup every morning, since she was certified with a diploma of specialist makeup from a Melbourne university. Oh, I know what it is you think! Makeup, an important part of communing with mystical?? And yet, it is true. Sadly, so many find it difficult to cast off that human side of them that prevents them from accessing the spiritual world, even through the services of a mystic. Therefore I had to look my best for those looking for answers, so as to put them in the right frame of mind. For this, I had Nera set me up with a special look, designed to make me look like I was in regular communion with spirits. Which of course I was! But it was quite the look, as there is usually no physical sign of such a thing. Truly, Nera was an expert in specialist makeup and a credit to her profession. Thus, I was able to persuade people to hand their money to me! I mean, their trust, which I definitely did not exploit! And there, you see the value of a bit of makeup. Courses around Melbourne are available now! And be sure to pick up my new DVD, ‘Communing With the Spirits: How to Look the Part!’, on sale now!