Eyebrow Tattoing the Enemy

classic eyebrow tattooingThis weekend I am going out with my ex best friend. She betrayed me when we were 21 and I have never quite forgiven her but every now and I again I get roped into doing something with her. So this weekend I am escorting her to her eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne. She works in the fashion industry, she is an assistant to an executive assistant to a sub par model, but she tells everyone she works in model cultivation. What even is that. Anyway, apparently big bold eyebrows are very in right now and she wants to stay on trend and get some thick black tattoos on her face. I agreed to go with her partially so I could secretly laugh at her but I was also a bit intrigued about what the eyebrow tattooing process was like. She keeps trying to convince me to get mine done too but I keep assuring her that I am perfectly happy with my natural haired eyebrows. She gave the clinic my number for some reason and they called me to discuss my upcoming cosmetic tattooing at a Melbourne beauty clinic at which point I told her she needs to stop involving me.

After looking through some of the before and after pictures from the clinic of cosmetic tattoo clients I actually started to come around. It is a lot less dramatic than it sounds and actually does a great job of touching up finer eyebrows. I slyly booked myself in for an appointment for next weekend. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing she had influenced me. She keeps suggesting lunch after the procedure but I am working on my excuses to limit the exposure to just the tattoo. I will have to make sure not to see her for at least a few months so she doesn’t realise I too have had my brows done!