My Beautiful Routine

doing my dipolma of beauty therapyI am bold, brave and beautiful. Every morning I wake up, do 10 push ups, go for a light jog around the suburb and then come home for a cold shower. I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, rinse and deep clean my face, always following with moisturiser and a light eye cream. I tweak my eyebrows if they need it and then head down stairs for a bowl of dry rolled oats before heading off to beauty school in Brisbane. At the moment we are doing a unit on micro-dermabrasion treatments which is incredibly exciting. I plan to specialise in the face region and micro-dermabrasion facial treatments when I eventually open up my own beauty salon. After beauty school I cycle home, have a fresh cold-pressed juice and do my reading for the day. I like to fit in some afternoon cardio but often my schedule doesn’t allow it because I have a lot of writing to do. I am a freelance beauty writer when I’m not at beauty school trying to save up enough money for my own salon when I graduate.

This time next year I plan to have my diploma of beauty therapy, Brisbane approved, be working full time in a salon and be engaged. The engagement part might have to wait another year but I can be somewhat flexible on that deadline. This all fits in to my five year plan. I also try to bake at least three times a week, all sugar free. I experiment with healthy substitutes in otherwise fatty goods. My latest project is the sweet potato brownie. I am onto my fifth iteration but it is now really balanced and no longer tastes of regret. I took some with me last week to the girls at beauty school and they loved them! On weekends my friends and I tend to meet up and discuss the units we have been covering. I will be leading the micro-dermabrasion session next weekend and I’m a little nervous. I am considering making a fruit loaf to win over the room.