Do Not Begrudge the Roof People

roof restoration after winterFriends, foes, faeries…this is a time of strife for many. I’m sure you wish winter to be over and done with, so that the sun may shine on all your endeavors in a literal fashion. And perhaps even otherwise. However, you cannot despair! Winter is just one of the many natural cycles of the year. In fact, few things are more natural than the seasons, and Mother Gaia in her wisdom has seen fit to give them to us as a gift.

Oh, but it is a difficult time, you say! Well, so is the intense heat of summer. But it certainly keeps things fresh in our minds year after year, instead of the same weather all the time. Oh, but the maintenance, you say! Think of the businesses that rely on the winds of winter. Who in Melbourne would need roof maintenance if the ravages of the elements did not wreck havoc upon their rooftops? Why, only yesterday the roof to my inner meditation sanctuary was almost ripped open by a strong wind, and it was only timely intervention by a roof expert that stopped all my accumulated positive spiritual energy to leak out and dissipate into faerie gas. For more information on how to summon your own positive spirits, I now give intensive online courses on Thursday nights, titled ‘Summoning Your Own Spiritual Energy for Health and Wellness’. Buy sessions in bulk and save! Ocean breeze-scented candles must be provided by the attendees.

Anyway, you see how this one profession of roof care and restoration benefits from the changing seasons, and thus we are all allowed to find our niche and purpose in life. Eternal summer would leave us bored and locked into summer things. We would truly get bored of beaches eventually! Thus, like all of Melbourne professionals of roof restoration, house painting, tree chopping and many others, we must be content.

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