Blessings from the Conference Centre

conference centres LorneFriends, followers, foes and fiends from the Demonic Realm who may have taken a wrong turn and stumbled into the world of humans, I welcome you all warmly! Today’s topic is one close to my heart, as well as one denizens of Australia should be especially familiar with: the sea.

What a vast and mysterious expanse! So full of life and teeming with adventure! Alas, my education is incomplete in the area of Ocean Faerie Communication, which you can read about in my latest book, Ocean Faerie Communion: It’s Really Quite Hard, now available in hardback only. However, I recently hosted my very conference, at an actual conference centre in Victoria. I cannot tell you the exact location in Lorne, because it’s…secret. Two people signed up, which was more than I was expecting, really! We spent a very fulfilling weekend with the entire run of the centre, which usually accommodates around 75-80, though we spent most of our time in the meditation circle and…not much else. When we weren’t meditating, singing meditation odes, composing meditation odes and listening to talks (by me), we were mostly sleeping off the effects of the mystic chimera dust (now available in very small, legal sachets, 100 for $100 or free sample with every book purchase!). Chimera dust, as you all know, is vital and integral to achieving a deeper level of commune with your inner mythological beast, which is a deeper level of communication than simply your spirit animal. Understand? I’m thinking of composing a quiz so you can figure out yours!

Now, this conference centre on the great ocean road was ill-equipped for meditation, causing us to alter one of the function rooms, although we were able to sojourn one evening to a moonlit cove to welcome in the lunar cycle with dancing. It was a marvellous time with my brother and sister, and I’ll be booking the same conference venue on the great ocean road for next year. Pre-order and don’t be disappointed!