The Haunted Tree

tree trimmingI knew there was something about that tree. I could feel it the day I moved in. There was a mystical energy about it, some kind of je ne sais quoi of the ethereal realm. I knew it attracted spirits both benign and malevolent. It wasn’t until much later that I realised what was truly going on…

Tree roots were causing our paved path to crack. I felt something in that tree but it didn’t occur to me at the time we considered cutting it down that this would be a problem. So I made a phone call for tree removal in inner Melbourne, and as soon as the tree loppers arrived everything started to go wrong. First the chainsaw wouldn’t work, then the guy nearly sawed his right hand off. Then, you wouldn’t believe it but it was like a scene out of a horror film. The sky suddenly went dark with clouds. The ground started rumbling, and the tree just exploded. It didn’t literally explode, but everyone felt this burst of energy which knocked us to the ground. After that, all the arborists just ran for it. Everyone knew it was some spirit lurking within the tree, which was warding the arborists away.

Ever since that happened, I’m too afraid even to do any tree trimming! Melbourne spirits can be so unpredictable. I need time to get to know it, understand why it is living in the tree and protecting it. Does it have a history with the tree? Did the spirit die there? Perhaps the tree once had a swing attached to it. It is an extremely old tree, probably about a hundred years old. It could have even more than one death associated with it. Perhaps it attracts angry or disgruntled spirits to that spot. You never know.