Take Heed of Food Packaging

food packaging manufacturing

Children, seekers, solicitors, tax collection agents, all of you are most welcome! Today’s topic will shock and amaze many of you, especially given my usual stance on embracing the modern world as evidence of the progress of mankind. Certainly, I do continue to encourage this (as I also encourage the purchase of my related DVD series, ‘The Progress of Mankind and Embracing the Change’- the whole set is now available with a free study booklet, to study the series with your friends!).

However, many of my friends contracting food poisoning from faulty containers of tea has spurred me to action. Friends, food packaging supplies are an important matter, and in this matter, one must err on the side of local industries. The way Australia packs its food is mostly appropriate- you might notice if you’ve purchased any meditation tea from the gift shop- and it guarantees safe and fresh produce. But other countries? They have no such scruples! Often I’ve been brewing my special Faerie Curry, made with elderberries to properly serve to the high king of the faerie people in the off-chance that he visits my house and fills it with gold, and I’ve used some kind of papaya milk shipped over from overseas. Friends have recommended it, perhaps, or it was on special. But alas! Their food containers have been lacking, and the milk has filled the house with a sour odour. How will the faerie king ever know I am the one (or perhaps YOU are the one) to bestow great riches upon, if my dishes are tainted?

Brothers, sisters, affluent and generous faeries, please check with your food packing manufacturer. It is not worth spoiling your chances of future mystical happiness by one errant piece of packaging. Though as you know, whenever possible you should source your ingredients from outside. Pick up my Root Collection Guide, now half-price when you recommend a friend!