Physiotherapy or dry needling

Auckland dry needling

I started developing back pain a couple of years ago. I attributed these pains to a sedentary lifestyle involving office work and physical neglect. I’m overweight and I get no exercise, so no wonder my back hurts right? I started seeing a physiotherapist to help with the pain and to get me back on track. Initially I was tossing up between the physiotherapist and that trigger point stuff as my cousin was going to do a dry needling course. Adelaide physiotherapists were more convenient at the time so I opted for that. In addition to the therapist, I figured, well, she can treat me all she wants but there’s going to be little change unless I improve my lifestyle. So I started going to the gym twice a week and doing yoga every Saturday.

Anyway, the physiotherapy didn’t really work. I think that there was a misdiagnosis of my problem because there wasn’t really any inflammation or local trauma, I guess there’s just something wrong with my muscles that is hard to identify.

So then I was getting desperate because none of the physiotherapy was working and I had to seek another treatment option. I reconsidered the dry needling, even though I was running out of cash because the physiotherapy was so expensive. As it turns out, the dry needling was well worth the money. Now I’m thinking about doing some study myself and I’m looking for dry needling courses around Auckland because we’re moving there soon.

I have no idea what was going on in my back but somehow the trigger point dry needling helped so much. I had a few sessions and then stopped going for a while and i was fine. I think the changes to my lifestyle really helped, without changing my diet and exercise routine I don’t think the dry needling would have fixed the problem on its own. But after about a year, I needed dry needling again as some maintenance to help with my back.