The Inner Self is Also the Outer Self

I bid you welcome, my dearest companions, truest believers, and even those strange folks aggressively seeking refunds for my all-inclusive pamphlet The One Secret to Fairy Visitations. My children, how could you not know that opening the pamphlet would reveal a single printed word: believe? It was not intended as a primer or guide, only a strong reminder of the true secret.

In any case, I should very much like to talk on the subject of appearances. I have received correspondence from one of my acolytes here in Melbourne. Concrete rendering haunts his thoughts. It pervades his dreams, forces its way into his waking visions and clouds his mind while at his place of employment. Oh, but houses that have been rendered look so splendid, so pure and right. Are outwards appearances so important?

I shall tell you the same thing I told the lady who came to me deeply ashamed that she had gone to a party, put on eyeliner and felt like she’d obscured her ‘true self’…nothing CAN obscure your true self. In fact, outwards appearances IS an expression of your true self. I have seen buildings with concrete rendering, and rather than obscuring their intent, it is instead a message to the whole world. ‘Someone lives here who cares about the state of their affairs. They care about the appearance of their house, and undoubtedly, the innards of the building look just as smart and well-cared for.’

Stress over this issue often stems from a lack of concern for both in and out. Oh, true self is indeed without form. But should we then neglect the form? No indeed, because form shows our true self!


Yes, that works. Sure. So, fear not for concrete rendering services, or any kind of aesthetic addition to your home. The message it sends is a good one indeed. Also, pick up my newest novella based on true events: True Self V Form: Dawn of Just-Us. Half price with any plushie purchase!