Styling, and Peace with the Neighbours

Melbournes home staging expertsDearest ones. Fairies who are part of the increasing number of those in your realm with working internet connections. All those who have stumbled across this humble website. I bid you welcome, and I ask you to sojourn here a little while, so that I may share some of my wisdom.

The atmosphere around me currently is indeed tumultuous. My downstairs neighbours, none of whom share my spiritual concerns, are having renovations done. To say that they have made no effort to conceal this would be an understatement. As I have said, I am no enemy of DIY or that which is done with the hands. However, the noise was having a severely crippling effect on my faerie commune, thus I felt the need to meet with the unruly folk. They are apparently moving, and have taken the opportunity to hire one of Melbourne’s home staging experts. The news that they were moving, I am not afraid to admit, brought me some small degree of joy. My efforts to introduce them to my quiet ways have been met with repeated failure, and they seem adverse to my posted literature on how to find inner peace through meditation and moon communion sessions. I even brought them one of my cherished gnome candles for Christmas, which coincidentally coincides with the faerie festival of Tree Decoration. In return, I received a scented vanilla candle. It had no special properties, being an ordinary candle used for ordinary purposes; this would be a great insult during the days of Tree Decoration.

This talk of home styling interested me, however. These are folks who perform various renovation-related tasks with the aim of selling a home more efficiently. What a curious profession, to be always altering homes so that people can move out of them. You can enjoy the work of house styling, but for only a short time. The people moving in cannot truly appreciate the new ‘style’, as they know no different.

It was this strange clash of long and short term styling that gave me a meditation focus for today. Now I must find one every day until these people and their partying ways have gone.