I Don’t Feel Like Window Replacement…

Friends, brethren, sister…ren, and all newcomers. As a wise sage once said, “I don’t feel like dancing, no sire, no dancing today.”

Such wise words, and so open to many interpretations! How are we to take the words of our wise sage? This is all part of my new initiative, where we take the wisest words ever spoken from the greatest minds of history and expand upon them for the benefit of all.

Sometimes we don’t feel like doing things, such as getting up for work and going out to the shops to buy one thing. Just yesterday I noticed that gravel had been kicked up in my driveway, causing a small dent in the window. This calls for window repair, or replacement, whichever.

All I have to do…is pick up the phone, call the Melbourne window replacement people and it will be sorted, possibly within the hour. Such a simple task…so easy. Very little effort involved. Merely talking, but yet I abhor the task, and it’s not just because I have lulled myself into a meditation trance to better commune with the unicorn spirits.

Why is this? Well, aside from the obvious vengeful spirits that hold us back from life’s endeavours, we often associate tasks with displeasure, and we are made to enjoy life to the fullest with nothing we don’t enjoy. It says so in the Faerie Annals, which describe how manticore droppings were accidentally sprinkled with fairy dust from the World Tree and became humans.

Anyway. Simple tasks like window replacement and the like have become unbearable at times, because we can only think of them as tasks to be overcome. How to mitigate this? Change your thinking! See jobs and chores as things to be celebrated, because they move us forward in life! That’s surely how the purveyors of timber windows replacements in Melbourne have learned to think, since they eagerly responded to my request. Surely, they have meditated upon this already.