Top Tips for Not Flooding Your Home

My dearest friends, along with all those in the blessed faerie realm who tune in via the magical interweb…welcome, one and all.

You have heard me talk many times on the subject of the real world, and why it is as equally blessed as the spiritual realms. If you haven’t heard this, or are a first time visitor, why not visit the gift shop? There you can find great deals such as my self-help manual: Why Faeries Even Bother to Visit. Or perhaps subscribe to my Me-Straw channel, where I’m currently giving a series of lectures on the uniting of mind and body via vibrant moonlit spirit dance.

It’s true, my friends…you must care for your home, and even the best of us neglect this. Currently I sit writing this, candles lit, incense burning and water, drip, drip, dripping from the bathroom sink, which has become clogged with hair. Fortunately most of Melbourne’s plumbing services have a 24-hour callout system, and thus even being disturbed from my slumber at 4 am was not a problem.

But instead of lecturing you all on the importance of being diligent when it comes to plumbing  and other things, I will instead give you several easy tips to avoid becoming distracted. Learn from my mistakes!

  1. Meditate, not just on the things of the spirit realm, but also on the real. You’ll be surprised by the results!
  2. Keep your plumbing maintenance and in top shape.  Yes, this is very general advice, but…oh, just trust me. Nothing interrupts your meditations quite like your sink overflowing, and with it, your dreams of mystic commune.
  3. Know at least one emergency plumber in Melbourne somewhere. The simple act of knowing such a person can stand you in good stead, and meanwhile I’ve been able to have fulfilling conversations on faerie lore with such people while they fix my home.

Do not allow yourselves to be caught out, sisters and brethren. Meditate on the future, but also prepare for it!