Tend To Your Plumbing!

24 hour plumberDearest comrades, spiritual hikers, those belonging to the realm of the living, the afterlife and people who occupy the middle ground, mostly those that work in the taxation office. Welcome, and be assured that this is a safe place where you may ask whatever question burdens your heart.

I should mention before we begin that the comment section is now closed indefinitely, due to excessive trolling and abuse.

Anyway! Today’s question: how can your walks in the spiritual realm during meditation be of any use, when your physical realm is in turmoil? I awoke from my daily Chakra Infusion session yesterday to find that my kitchen sink had flooded, trickling into my sky chamber and extinguishing my faerie floor lanterns (available for a limited edition price of $29.99!). So what did I do? Get on a chair and continue? No! I consulted my phone book for the closest 24 hour plumber in Melbourne, and had them here on the double.

Children, we have a connection to the spiritual world, regardless of whether or not you appreciate it all times. My meditation became dulled by the dousing of the candles, and my robes were becoming soaked. Had I ignored the physical, my house would have flooded and I would have had nothing to come back to that was not soggy. In pursuing the mysteries of the universe, one must not neglect the growing weeds in their own back garden. Do you see my analogy? The garden is your soul.

In that moment, I needed a plumber. And what a profession it is, to be able to arrive at 3:47am in the morning and with such swiftness! To tarry in my summoning would have been the height of foolishness, you see, and foolishness is the enemy of even the most earthly wisdom. Do not scorn the emergency plumbers of Melbourne, for in this instance, they greatly aided my meditation. If your tap leaks, get a plumber in to fix it. Alas, the fixer fairies do not concern themselves with such things!