A visionary

aluminium windows MelbourneA search for our truest selves can be a long and epic journey. In order to find completion, we must travel on that journey, but whether that travel is in the form of the physical movement of the corporeal body or movement of the spirit of the ethereal plane, that journey is equally as valid. We must accept it as a necessary step along the path of fulfillment.

For each individual, the first step on that journey occurs in a different way. I have no idea how you, reader, have begun that journey. The angels have not seen fit to tell me. However, I can share with you stories, my own and those of the kindred souls around me.

On a meditation and spiritual connection camp last year, I met the most beautiful soul, a singer named Cassandra. Cassandra had a way of seeing beyond the present into the future that was utterly unparalleled to that of the so-called mediums I had met before her. When I asked her how she knew she had the gift, she told me the most amazing story, which, to my bewilderment, involved a set of aluminium windows in Melbourne.

As the story goes, she had a premonition, as a child while looking out the aluminium window in her parents house, that it would break when the first leaf outside turned orange in the autumn. On her own initiative, she contacted an aluminium window repairs man in Melbourne to come out to her house on the 1st of April, and lo and behold, the window frame was cracked by a wayward softball one week before hand. When the repairman showed up, her parents were undeniably shocked, but were able to recognise her talent for the gift it was.

You would be surprised how seemingly the most insignificant moments in life can be signs of a true talent yet to blossom further down the track.