Allow the Children Their Enjoyment

indoor play centreSpiritual sojourners, those seeking taxes, everyone in between! Welcome to this time of reflection and meditation through the power of the written word. Oh, how I wish I could communicate you all in the faerie script, the only true way of writing. Alas, keyboards do not exist that can properly represent such a magnificent language, partially due to the complexity of the symbols and partially because faerie script often involves smearing parchment with various forest scents, and is thus not possible over the internet. Thus, I will speak to you in the second most universal and blessed language: English.

Today’s pondering session is brought to you by a question from one of my dear followers in Canberra. Indoor kids parties are not my forte, to be sure, but I felt like I could answer with some degree of certainty. You see, this lady wanted to know if she should be focusing on birthdays as family time, or as times of great celebration amongst many friends. Surely, a child must be allowed to choose that which they find more agreeable?

Ah, but Orium, you may say! Children are not yet developed in their minds, and cannot choose for themselves because they objectively make terrible decisions all the time! Yes, that is true. But in the realm of a birthday party, I feel some leeway can be allowed. If they wish to have their birthday at an indoor play centre, then this, also, is an opportunity for growth and not simply frivolity. Children must explore, develop relationships with other children, and gain physical exercise benefits on top of it all! Perhaps ask your child, but be ready to totally overrule their decision, because what do children know? Not much. They could pick the best indoor play centre in all of Canberra, but can they do taxes? Calculate superannuation? And birthdays are auspicious times that attract star energy and disrupt mental equilibrium. For a child, this is a deadly combo.