Oxygen and the Greater Meditation

hyperbaric chambers promote healingFriends, spiritual seekers, those who wish to walk the faerie realm and people who stumbled upon this website by accident because they typed the wrong thing into the search bar! I have urgent-yet-wonderful news for you all. I bring news of a great thing that has come upon our society and it taking our city by storm, perhaps even the world!

Now, many of you will be familiar with oxygen. Interesting fact: faeries refer to oxygen as ‘spirit wind’. But anyway, oxygen is that which we breathe, that which fills our lungs and allows us to do so many things. All of the things, you might say. However, I recently was able to meditate in a hyperbaric chamber, a Melbourne first. My dear friend thought I’d enjoy a voucher for oxygen therapy, and friends, it was an experience like no other. I have tried many and varied methods to strengthen my already-solid connection with the world of the spiritual. Isolation tanks, hanging upside down from oak trees, sleeping inside a shroud made from the fallen leaves of Autumn…all of these have helped, in their degrees. And yet, stepping inside a hyperbaric chamber is the greatest of these. Your deep meditation breaths become sheer empowerment, your thoughts are clearer than the skies on a perfect summer day, and as a result, you cannot help but feel a deeper connection immediately.

Perhaps the encasement helps matters, as you are provided with perfect privacy besides the clear glass that allows anyone to see what you are doing. Alas, I was barred from bringing my candles into the chamber with me- a fire hazard, I was told- but I quickly found that my mind was clear enough to not even need them. Those in Melbourne, oxygen therapy is here, and it is your window to undoing those mental blocks that stop you from achieving enlightenment! Pick up my new book, Mental Blocks that Stop You from Achieving Enlightenment in the gift shop now, 5% off with the promo code OXYGEN.