Peace Out, My Chill Pals!


Orium is away on a spiritual and mental retreat to the ‘Pure Energy Realm’, so she’s asked me, her wonderful sister, to fill in for her! 

Now, my sister and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on this whole ‘meditation’ thing, or even on this whole ‘faerie’ thing. She says I need to enter a mystical trance and quiet my mind, and I’m all like, wow, take a break sis. To me, spiritual enlightenment is all about freeing your mind and having fun. Can’t be enlightened if you’re all cooped up inside and breathing in more incense than fresh air! Why walk slowly up a mountain when you can RUN, am I right?

Okay, chill time. REAL TALK. There’s no single way to do things. Just do what you feel like!

Okay, but REAL, real talk. Let’s talk about ladders, because just checked the inbox and it looks like they’re a hot topic. Some post about how aluminium platforms get you closer to the spiritual realm? Okay, so here’s my fresh take on it. I love getting up high, you know. If I’m going to meditate, and I don’t do that too often but if I’m GOING to, I love it to be up high. Like, I’ll find a rooftop and do some meditative yoga right on the edge, because there’s no better way to feel alive. But then, if you’re in top of a folding ladder, you’re usually working, right? Painting, or maybe cleaning a window, all that stuff. So my advice is…don’t meditate there. Do your job, because there’s nothing that ruins your chill quite like falling off a ladder. Totally NOT chilled activity, right there.

So if you spend all day up a ladder, how do you focus your mind on the spiritual universal stuff? Hey, YOU figure that out. I’ve know people who work in the sewers or in a mine, and they get in touch with their spiritual side by singing, or feeling the ground beneath their feet. That’s the planet, ya know. So if you’re on top of a fibreglass ladder, you find your own way to focus. Listen to the wind. Paint or wash those windows in rhythm. There’s no wrong way to do it!