Hyperbaric Therapy, Alongside the Arcane

It is I, my children! Rising from the ashes like the mighty phoenix, I have returned to this world to bequeath unto you the arcane knowledge of the universe!

Also, I spent a lovely few months in the centre of Melbourne. It’s a nice place, and so very close to the Universal Faerie Nexus. If you’d like to find out more, then my new book is on the verge of release: The Depths of the Arcane: Into the Heart of the Faerie Nexus. First 100 purchases come with a unicorn-tail bookmark!

But why my long sabbatical, my followers and friends? Apart from my long days of dreaming and traversing the faerie realm, I had to settle a question. There are oxygen therapy treatments available in Melbourne, of course. I have always been a paragon of oxygenated prowess, owing to my long hours each day spent in drinking in scented candle fumes, but I was terribly curious to know what the oxygen sciences of this world made of me. That, and I was beset with a terrible nightmare of receiving a scented candle and finding it to be the odour of ginger. Such awfulness, and my divinations could not…divine its meaning. Perhaps I was being told to try out oxygen therapy and cleanse my interior?

You know, my acolytes, that I do not scorn this world’s sciences. Could hyperbaric medicine be the answer? Was hyperbaric medicine the answer?? The answer…may surprise you, and it may be found in my new biographical novella: Surprising Answers: Hyperbaric Medicine In Tandem with the Arcane Faerie Sciences.

I certainly enjoyed my sessions, and oxygen therapy is worth the initial strange sensation. Though perhaps I should spoil one thing: I WAS helped with my recurring fear of terrible scented candle flavours. Such a journey, and all of it available in my two books. Read all about Melbourne’s best oxygen therapy and how they can both rejuvenate your body and calm the storm of your mind, available now in my hardback coffee table book: Oxygen Therapy: The Calming of the Body, and the Taming of the Mind Storm.