Renovate Your Kitchen…for Your Soul!

My friends, my companions, and all of my peers besides Ariella Stormborn! You know what you did, Ariella. Incense was never meant to be used in that way.

Anyway, it’s time for a bit of a personal chat, since I never really get to interact with my followers personally. I do have plans for events where I can be met for individual meet and greets, however, and I will also be given lectures. Only three days left to secure your early-bird tickets!

So…how are all of you? I’m doing quite alright, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a person’s living space truly does reflect the soul. Many focus on only the room they use to meditate, but bad vibes can bleed through the ley-lines of a house. What I’m saying is this: renovate your kitchens!!

Yes, my friends. My sudden calls for quality kitchen installations may seem random, but when you consider how every room in the home factors into your personal, spiritual development, then you will see for sure. The kitchen is perhaps the most important, for the food placed into our bodies fuels the soul. That’s why I always recommend foods with a high spirit-count, such as kombucha tea and cream cheese jalapeno poppers. So you see, you must strive to make your kitchen a place of harmony, comfort and style. You could almost say that a properly designed kitchen with a chic modern edge is the best way to refill your soul!

But before you go out and find a wonderful kitchen renovation company in Melbourne who will remodel both your kitchen and your soul spare a thought to the rest of the house.

And if you feel in your spirit that it’s fine, then spare it no more thought and remodel your kitchen instead.

You can read more about this principle in my new semi-help novella, ‘The Kitchen of Arcane Excellence: Vittles for the Soul’.

Definitely not sponsored!