Green Energy Photos

Weddings. Not my favourite thing. Doesn’t help that, in one way or another, I lost a lot of my friends to them. I used to be part of a photography club, and we USED to take photos of interesting things. We’d go out on the weekend and just have a good time, taking pictures of nature, people (with their consent) and whatever else. Then they all started to get into wedding photography because of the money, and suddenly they’re too busy. And then there are all my young friends who got married at, like…19. We don’t talk about them.

Pardon me if I want to take pictures of things that you DON’T see every week. Who’s going to take pictures of commercial solar systems, for example? It’s the future of energy saving technology available now! It should get more attention than it does considering how much energy it saves.

I got the idea on a forum I frequent, which is fortunately not anything to do with weddings. People were talking about things that aren’t photographed often- really interesting discussions. One person suggested…energy efficient lights. It’s not like no one has ever taken a picture of light, but 99% of the time they’re perfect circumstances. A lovely looking sunbeam, or a gently glowing lamp. But then you take something like industrial LED lighting. No one takes pictures of that, because it’s like instant overexposure. Obviously I took that as a challenge, so now I’m seeking out the most powerful LED lighting I can find in Melbourne and seeing if I can get a really good shot of it without the whole thing looking totally washed out. I want to share my love of energy efficient lighting with the world, whether they like it or not.

Bit of a weird challenge, but I’m enjoying it thus far. If I can bring awareness to the benefits of this technology I’ll be making a difference. I hope more people take an interest in commercial LED lighting. Melbourne businesses could save a fortune but they aren’t aware of the advances that have been made in the lighting sector the last few years. It’s an underrated subject in my humble opinion.