Ginger Grass to Stainless Steel

snapper racks

I would like to thank you, my faithful children…for my DVD offering ‘Connecting With the Mystical World Through DVDs’ has sold out in record time! Truly, the spirits are with us. Remember to purchase your healing crystals at a discounted price- the coupon should be arriving in your inbox sometime this week.

I should like to address a concern of one of my readers, who sent me a lovely letter with her woes. How our lives are more comfortable than even half a century ago! Certainly, crystal technology, if you could call it such a thing, has made multiple advances both socially and functionally. I don’t want to name names, but this lady was concerned about her husband, who was considering some marine stainless steel fabrication. Whatever that means! The industry is ‘booming’, so I’m told, and this lady was concerned that her husband was going too mainstream. He had responded positively to her efforts to make him drink green tea, and they were on the verge of moving onto ginger grass root brews. She’d secretly replaced all his clothing with environmentally-friendly alternatives, direct from nature, and he hadn’t yet noticed. And now, he wanted a career in the steel industry! Imagine such a thing. Imagine it, I say. Imagine harder! I do not feel that you are imagining hard enough.

There, all better? To go from almost consuming the fruits of Mother Earth to a job in the steel fabrication industry is no real cause for alarm. Steel fabrication gives us ships, ships carry us to many exotic places…but his reasons for doing such a thing? That is another matter entirely. Susan, I’d advise sitting down to a cup of green tea with your husband and asking…why? What is his concern with such things? Is his desire to fabricate steel, or something greater? Is there a chance he could also make stainless steel snapper racks, branching out into a new industry? I’d recommend my new audio course: ‘Metal: Why It’s Not All Bad’, 10% off with any book purchase!