Another seeker in our midst

conveyancing MelbourneWelcome my children, seekers of the light, watchmen and women in the night.

As a spiritual pillar in our community, I try to spread the word of goodness and warmth to all whose lives intersect with my own. It’s more important than you’d think just to make a friend, and today I have succeeded in making yet another.

We’ve known each other for quite a long time, Steve and I, but this morning we moved our conversation beyond the realm of the physical for the first time. In that moment, I saw the flicker of movement behind his pupils and knew that he had the capacity to believe.

I met Steve through a passion of mine, property conversion. I know that, through my connectedness, I should have gained the strength to relinquish all possessions long ago, but I have never found myself quite able to let go of the material. Besides, I have a genuine love for buying, flipping, and then selling houses, all with the sage counsel of Steve, my very own expert in property conveyancing. I cannot tell you how much I value the opinion of that man. He may not have found the spirituality I see blossoming within him, but he sure is knowledgeable about his practice.

When he moved his property conveyancing business to Bentleigh, I knew it was a sign. The force that guides us all was pulling him towards me, showing me sign that, for all the wisdom he has given me over the years, it was time I reciprocated and shared some knowledge of my own. So we had our first frank conversation about spirituality and began our friendship aknew. I have taken on the responsibility of guiding Steve on his journey on the correct path not as a burden, but as a joy. I cannot wait to see the person he transforms into.