Eternal winter in a private function room

ice skatersWhile most people love summer time, enjoy basking in the sunshine and splashing in sun-warmed waters, I love winter. Something about stepping outside on a frosty morning and breathing in that icy air gives me a good feeling. Perhaps it’s the contrast between the outer cold and my inner warm, and nestling inside thick warm woollies. I never thought I’d find anything fun to do around my birthday which is in the middle of summer. It’s a time for barbecues and beaches, getaways and sunny beers. I was actually contemplating going out of town to seek a temperature more suited to my liking, but that’s when I found some amazing private function rooms at an ice skating rink.

No more sweating on my birthday. No my stinky patches of moisture under my arms or sun burnt cheeks. It’s just me and the cool air conditioned air and the ice skating rink… and my friends and family. The venue was amazing because they actually had a catering service as well and served up some delicious party food. At first I thought that ice skating was just for birthday party venues. Melbourne has a lot of venues geared towards children’s birthday parties. But the ice skating rink was perfect for adults too. In fact, I felt like a kid again, in all the good ways. It was an ice breaker between me and  some new friends and also a way of bonding with my old friends. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of something unique to do for their birthday. I’ve heard a lot of people also go there for corporate functions and team building days, even orientations. That would be such a cool way of getting the team out of the office. Anyway, back to the point. Never fear if you hate the heat, there’s always an ice skating rink in Melbourne.