Do Not Begrudge the Tree Removal…

tree cuttings

Friends, foes, seekers and sloths, welcome back to another dollop of the best wisdom I have to offer. My words are like the double cream of sage counsel, and don’t assume that’s a title I give myself…it was the opening line in a recent five-star review I received from an adoring fan of my DVD collection. Now on sale, and don’t forget to rate!

And the question of the day? That which surrounds us, the green life that rightfully owns the planet. You hear whispers of global warming, ice caps melting, polar bears going extinct. On a smaller scale, you see tree removal happening in your native Armadale, people swatting bees as if they were wasps and people putting the wrong types of recycling in their bins. Remember, green goes in green, bottle goes in blue, bags go in black! But these things trouble you. Why, yesterday evening I was meditating on the lyrics of the greatest muse of our time, the Korean singer Taiga-Claw, when I heard a certain machine. I was surprised to find that a tree on my property was being cut down! Obviously this is not only a breach of nature, but also of the property I care for so tenderly.

I rushed outside only to find that the particular tree I was so worried about was actually not mine. I’d just always assumed it was because of the way it hangs over, the roots belonged to the neighbour and thus it was his. It was all cleared up in a jiffy. But still, my children…still are our hearts troubled by what we see as rampant disregard for nature. And yet, the tree was dying, and tree felling was thus a kindness only Melbourne professionals could provide. We must grow in wisdom, and learn to see that which needs to be done instead of clinging blindly to our ideals, perhaps by using my new book ‘Blind Ideals and How NOT to Cling to Them’, now available to pre-order!