A gathering of seekers

great ocean ride attractions

Hello seekers and welcome to this safe space. May your day be filled with light and love!

I am here today to talk to any of you who may be interested in attending my spiritual convention this year! It’s the first in what I hope will become an annual conference where like minded seekers can come together and share our experiences on rejecting material wealth and ascending to the higher plane. I know that my own journey has been and continues to be a seemingly never-ending uphill battle, but I hope that, through sharing my own experiences, I can enlighten you and help you overcome any challenges or problems faced in your own life.

The destination I have chosen for my conference is slightly out of the ordinary, but I hope you’ll bare with me here. Seekers, I would love for you all to join me in September at the the Great Ocean Road. Hotels are abundant, each more fantastic than the last that will have you living a life of luxury, helping facilitate your connection to the spiritual realm. Afterall, it’s critical to be in a rested state when trying to reach into the beyond. The reason I have chosen this out of the way location is precisely because it helps create a calmness and a presence of mind. It’s amazing the range of benefits salt water and country air have on the physic, as well as the psyche. There aren’t many conference venues in regional Victoria like this one, it’s completely unique, as I trust you’ll find this experience to be.

So let me know if you’d be interested in partaking! This would be a sharing experience before all else, a chance to teach others the knowledge you have gained through your journey, and receive their wisdom in return.