Chakra, and the Great Deep

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Speaking of relaxing on the beach, I’ve received a few questions from people in the boating industry. Melbourne people who do outboard motor servicing often spend a lot of time around the docks area, as you’d expect, and they’ve had a few naysayers state that the ocean is a major disruptor of both qi AND chakra. I can immediately discount the first one, since the Chinese were avid seafarers and their qi became resistant to ocean tides very quickly. Chakra is more complex; however, the job aspect must be taken into account. Working on boats, anchor winches and the like, requires a great deal of focus, much like meditation itself. Those with wandering minds may find their chakras drawn into the deep, but in my experience, those doing such jobs rarely have troubles with such things. Marine trailer repairs are mechanical in nature, and are just the jobs that require the appropriate level of focus. All Melbourne anchor winch professionals who are true believers, your chakra is indeed kept secure against the dark, seaweedy void!

Though just to be sure, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of meditation scent.