A Fishing Warning To You All

Greetings, wayward travellers, and also the travellers who are not wayward. Perhaps you found your way here with the satnav of enlightenment, or the Melways of great and profound wisdom. Regardless of your method of travel, I welcome you warmly. I, Orium, see all, especially the sales figures of my latest book: Travelers in the Maze of Enlightenment: Why Earl Grey Tea Leaves Are Terrible For Soothsaying. Perhaps people were not aware that it was available? Snap up copies now while they last!

Remember a few words ago when I said I see all? Well, today’s missive is not the answer to a question, but instead a warning. Not a dire warning. More of a gentle nudging towards future events. I have spoken about Melbourne’s stainless steel fabrication industry before, as I am sure you know. It is a many and varied industry, full of metal and…industry. However, I sense that soon there will be a great influx of people getting into the art of fishing, and requisitioning the appropriate equipment. The weather has softened, cooling to a temperature that is still warm and yet making it bearable to go outside. The Annual Fishing Tournament is fast approaching. Surely as the fairies have spoken unto me, there shall be a rush for the boats, a mad dash to find an appropriate fishing rod holder so that family trips may be planned.

How is this a warning? Well, as the sages have said, the sun hidden behind the clouds is perhaps the most secretive with its rays, and nonetheless just as potent. I am trying to say, dear children, that in your rush to get your aluminium plate boat out on the water, you may neglect sunscreen. Always slip, slop and slap! Thus spake the spirits!

(this message has been sponsored by the Fishing Board of Australia)