When Put Upon in Your Chosen Field

gas bottles

Today’s blog post is brought to you by a dear reader with whom I’ve had much fulfilling correspondence. Leona, I feel your pain when you say that you are put upon in your chosen field of work (a problem you yourself can solve in the new CD offering, ‘What to Do When Put Upon in Your Chosen Field’, now only $19.99 for the whole set with any plushie purchase!). It is a problem faced by so many, but you sound like you are coping admirably. Let me share with all of you Leona’s story.

See, Leona has embraced the ways of industry and reconciled it with her mystic beliefs. The fact that she deals with such items as gas bottle holders does not phaze her, because Leona knows that metal comes from the ground and is thus a gift of mother nature. Surely, Leona can tend to her specialised bonsai tree, bred to specially house invisible faerie folk, and go to her day job smelting metal because that is simply who she was born to be! So many toolboxes, under tray draws and very small pieces of metal that you can attach to you end of your bike to hold bananas while you ride…all of them made by her, in all her skill. Yet Leona is hounded by a fellow mystic, who in turn is only there to bring down the establishment from the inside. What is Leona to do in such a pressing situation?? Well, apart from reporting such a person to the relevant authorities, which she has done, resulting in the termination of that person because they were apparently just not a very good employee anyway. What were they expecting?

Anyway, we all find ourselves under attack by misguided zealots. Maybe they’ve set themselves against the ways of service bodies and under tray draws, or maybe they egg your house because you had your termite problem sorted out. They are wrong, my children, but make every attempt to sway them to the side of good. My new pamphlet should help you; ‘Swayed to the Side of Ultimate Good: The Orium Story’. Come free with every VHS purchase!