Window Tinting Five

Working for my boss has become an incredibly challenging ordeal. To put it simply, they are beyond mean—they are downright dreadful. I’ve reached the point where I can no longer bear it, and I’m actively seeking new job opportunities. Unfortunately, the current job market isn’t favouring job seekers, which leaves me in a state of impatience. While my friends advise me to endure this situation for a little longer, the daily dread of encountering my boss and engaging in conversation is taking its toll on me.

Currently, my boss has assigned me the role of a personal assistant, despite my actual responsibilities as the administrator of the company. To make matters worse, my boss has contracted an office glass tinting company to tint all the windows. As the unfortunate guide assigned to escort the workers, my interaction with them has been pleasant. They are a friendly and professional group representing a reputable company. However, much to my dismay, my boss insisted that I remain with the workers throughout the entire process, depriving me of the opportunity to attend to my essential tasks.

As a result, I found myself staying late at the office to compensate for the lost time. The sheer boredom compelled me to strike up a conversation with the workers, even delving into the distinctions between window glass frosted with spray versus film. Engaging as the conversation was, my mind remained preoccupied with the workload awaiting me at my desk. I realised that for the second time that week, I would have to sacrifice my dinner in order to catch up on my assignments after everyone else had already departed. Frankly, the compensation I receive for such arduous work falls far short of what is deserved.

In the hopes of escaping this disheartening environment, I have been diligently circulating my resume to numerous prospective employers. I remain optimistic that one of these opportunities will come to fruition, allowing me to bid farewell to my current company. However, it saddens me to think that leaving means missing out on witnessing the transformation brought about by the newly tinted windows.