The Practical Needs of This Life

Friends, well-wishers, ill-wishers, neutral-wishers, and well-wishers (as in, people who wish using wells). I welcome you to this corner of the internet, where you shall gain wisdom, understanding and…more wisdom.

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Anyway! Aluminium! Goodness, my spiritual seekers keep asking me about this topic. ‘Orium, my aluminium accessories are distracting me from my meditation!’ ‘Orium, I need new under tray draws for my ute, but should I instead spend the money on a pilgrimage to Tara in Ireland, seat of the faerie council?’

Alright, first, Tara is overrated. I’ve already described how the Nexus resides in Mornington for the time being, so if you want to drench yourself in incense and dance around Tara in the full moon with all the other misguided fools…that’s your business.

But aluminium? Children, I have already told you that the things of this world are not distractions. And aluminium can be used for all kinds of wonderful things, like toolboxes to keep tools in. If my sink is leaking, I call a plumber. I do not pray to the faeries and expect them to help with physical matters. You must take care of yourselves in the conventional way, but also take care of the physical world. If you need new roof racks and bars for your ute vehicle, then you need them. Don’t deny the physical in search of the spiritual; life is a balance of both things.

You can read about it all in my new documentary, available to rent or buy on Me-Straw: A Balance of Both Things: The Orium Methods for Existing in Two Worlds. There’s an entire segment on aluminium toolboxes! Melbourne readers, don’t let it be said that I ignore my audience.