The Perfect Rose

It has recently come to my attention that my wife doesn’t like me very much. She has never bothered to mention to me that her feelings towards me are negative. She has not even expressed a desire to not be around me. So how was I to know? I still rather like her. Not in a soppy teenage way but as someone to spend my days with she is perfectly adequate. I have been experimenting with gestures as of late to express my internal emotions. I have tried buying her grand gifts such as a new car and many diamonds but they don’t seem to motivate her towards me. An acquaintance recommended I try a smaller more sentimental gift that is less of an attempt to purchase her emotions but more a way of expressing myself.

Apparently flowers are popular. I found some wonderful standard roses online, it really is amazing what you can order online these days, and had them delivered to her. In fact, I set up a repeat order so that once a week a bunch of roses of a different variety, be it brindabella or iceberg, gets delivered to her. So far she has received two bunches of flowers and I do believe it is working. On the days she receives the flowers she hugs me when I get home and has dinner prepared. We eat together in silence, but I believe all food should be consumed in silence so I am pleased about that, and after dinner she takes my hand and leads me to the lounge where we sit and read together. It is rather pleasant. However her romantic acts only take place when she gets flowers. I have decided that today I shall hand deliver the roses, on my way home I always pass a lovely florist with standard roses for sale in all sorts of colours. I will purchase a bunch and hand them to her on arrival. Of course, she won’t have had time to prepare dinner but she can get on with that once I am in.