Roses for Presentation

Now that I’ve used the sonic window breaker to ruin the business of one of my competitors in mystic readings, I really need to capitalise on this. I’m thinking it’s time to turn the presentation dial all the way up to eleven so that everyone knows I’m the absolute best mystic in the Melbourne area. Nobody is ever going to go to Emily for their readings again. They’ll be coming straight to Miranda’s Magical Tent.

Perhaps I should buy some fresh flowers to put all around my tent, which will give a really inviting feel to it. I’d better make them thornless roses, though, as I don’t want to get in any legal trouble if someone hurts themselves on them. I like my material possessions too much to lose them in a lawsuit.

I mean, the spirits that guide my every action wouldn’t want me to lose all my money, because they need it for their… spirit-y things. I’m just their humble servant. Of course, if the spirits told me to get rid of all my money, I’d do it. Reluctantly, because I’m sure they wouldn’t actually want that. It would have to be some sort of test.

Anyway, I was talking about getting a rose plant, wasn’t I? That’s right, a rose plant with thorns. Or without thorns. I can’t remember which. Either way, people will love the presentation of my tent, and I will be able to give them all the mystic readings.

I think the most brilliant part of my whole plan, though, is that Emily can’t strike back and destroy my business, even if she got her own sonic window breaker. Because I work from a tent, it doesn’t have any glass. It’s genius. She won’t ever be able to take my business down.

Say, it’s starting to smell kinda smokey in here. It’s getting pretty hot, too. I wonder why that is.

– Miranda