Convening with the Sky Spirits

As a great sage once said, it’s a very very mad world. I can’t remember exactly who…in fact, it might have been me. I have been known to say great things in my meditation trances and make the mistake of not writing them down, thus adding them to my list of great sayings. While we’re on the subject, I’ve recently compiled a bumper edition of Orium: Wisdom and Knowledge Unleashed. 2000 pages long and in hardback, it can now be yours for the discount price of $200 if you use the coupon ‘sageorium’. Only for the first 100 customers! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, and the opportunity to enrich your lifestyle!

Meanwhile, dear spiritual seekers, I had an odd experience last week. I actually made a visitation to a window cleaner who had lost his way, and we took faerie communion atop a set of mobile scaffolding. As much as I enriched his own spiritual experience, I also felt somewhat filled myself. Apart from finding a solitary hilltop, there are few places where one can be up high to meditate where humanity is not also. Perhaps I should think about investing in a set of aluminium platforms, so that I can bring sky meditation with me wherever I go?  As we all know from my expository novella, Voices from the Blue Beyond, sky meditation has a number of benefits. Many types of communion can only be undertaken at higher elevations, and contacting sky spirits is practically impossible when on terra firma.

Regardless, perhaps I should make visitations more often, as my mobile scaffolding experience has taught me. One must use their time in this life to experiment, gain new experiences, meditate in every area possible and generally expand their soul energy potential. I can recommend bailey ladders. The soul energy harvest atop them is indeed rich. Envy those who work atop them for a living!