Search for Money

Sometimes I think of myself as a leaf in the wind, going wherever it takes me. Although in my case the wind is actually the extraterrestrial beings which call out to me from beyond the known cosmos. A lot of the time when I look up to the stars, I can see past them, beyond the void. Through that darkness I see a thousand individual eyes staring at me. They whisper hints and tips that will help me on my quest to amass a fortune unlike any other the world has ever seen.

I was eating my avocado on toast this morning when I heard them calling to me. They told me that I should immediately go to a clinic that offers hyperbaric medicine local to Melbourne. They suggested I go there as soon as possible. I had to finish my toast on the way out the door, as I ran to catch the next bus into town. With my Quest Time backpack over my shoulders, I began my search for the closest hyperbaric clinic.

I found it about an hour later, heading into the waiting room. I wasn’t sure what the great eyes in the sky wanted me to do there, so I sat down without talking to the receptionist. She looked at me oddly but went back to her work. About fifteen minutes later, the woman called out my name. I was shocked but followed her toward the back of the building. There I found a hyperbaric chamber and the receptionist beckoned me inside.

For a moment I wondered if it would suddenly transport me into space to meet the extraterrestrial eyes, but nothing of the sort happened. When I got in the chamber, however, I found a briefcase with my name on it. Inside was a thousand dollars in cash. After a pleasant hyperbaric therapy session, I went back to the waiting room. When everyone saw the briefcase, they all clapped for me and my success.

So yeah, you could say I had a pretty good day. Thanks for asking.

– Joyce