Home Gym Party

A party was just the excuse Ramone needed to avoid doing her daily workout. It was also the only reason that she had decided to invite her friends over.

It had become difficult to maintain the fitness schedule that her personal trainer had created. The first week had been easy. They had set out her goals, done some light yoga stretches, and she had taken the opportunity to buy a brand new water bottle. 

The second week had been a little worse, but setting up her multifunctional home gym system had been fun. The set up also provided her with enough exercise that she got away with putting off working out for a couple of days.

The third week had been brutal. She had thought, after years of sports as a kid, that getting back into the habit would be a breeze. 

Unfortunately, Ramone could remember how to use the gym equipment, but that was about the only thing she had. Her muscles had been left in agony, struggling to remember ever being moved as a kid at all.

She had been dreading the thought of returning to that feeling on Monday when the perfect excuse had fallen, like dominos, into her lap. First, she saw an ad announcing, ‘table tennis table for sale, Australia-wide delivery’. 

Second, her brain had done a bit of mental gymnastics. Thirdly, she decided to buy it for a party on Friday. After all, how could she pass up such a great deal? And, given table tennis required two players, she needed to make sure that she made good use of her newfound treasure. 

It was all just logical enough that she didn’t feel any guilt as she skipped her morning exercises to set up. She put the finishing touches to the tiny, hand-crafted decorations she had begun as a means of procrastination the day before. 

Next was a quick trip to the grocery store. Followed by a trip to another store, after finding the first one closed. Her car had refused to start at the first shop, so she was forced to walk across town. 

Just as she plopped down on the couch after shopping and setting up, the doorbell rang. Her muscles ached as she went to answer it.

“Let’s get our dance on!” Her friend shrieked as she bounded through the door, bursting with energy.

With crushing defeat, Ramone realised the truth: she was definitely going to meet her workout requirements that day.