Tinted Windows = Inner Peace

Greetings! It’s lovely to be back after a period of extended meditation and self-love sessions. I would recommend such things to all people, since loving oneself is the key to charging up on spiritual energies. I have been thinking about industry, and economy, and also my gift shop where everything is currently half price in the celebration of solstice sale! But also, I would like to share something new and wonderful: home window tinting. My special meditation dome has long been a marvellous place of focus and the concentration of special incense. And yet, one thing was always lacking, and that was ultimate privacy. Convening with the realm beyond is a deeply-personal journey, and one that cannot be accomplished when small children are running across your garden as a shortcut, and the local gardener is chopping away at the hedge. These are all distractions, and not the good kind. Also the afternoon sun hits me right in the eyes when I’m trying to block out all external stimulus. But what to do? IS there anything?

I found the answer in this tinted glass, which gloriously allows me a view of the outside world while keeping all of my activities my very own. It blocks out the harmful rays from the sun while still letting in enough light to enjoy it’s warmth. The gardener is still on the outside, but he cannot see in with the level of tinting that has been applied. This is in fact a great boon, since being able to see the outside world is wonderful for charging the external energies. I would recommend residential window tinting for all those wishing to enhance their meditation experience. The isolation while viewing the magnificence of nature is a great gift.

And do you know what else is a great gift? A copy of my new self-book, ‘The Magnificence of Nature: Meditation Energy Techniques VIII’. Now half off!