Follow the Lights, to Enlightenment

My children, my non-children, and all those in between….welcome. I would also welcome those who insist on posting inane and/or abusive comments upon my blog posts, but there is little that can be said for your kind. Your souls see with darkness and negativity, and I can only light a candle for you and hope that you fall off a bridge. Into enlightenment. A bridge of enlightenment, that leads to even more enlightenment. Because THAT…is a thing.

Plenty of people write to me asking if music can enhance the meditation experience. To them I must give the broad answer: in my opinion, probably not. Hallucinations brought on by music are a faux experience, although there are ways one can view the other realms without placing harmful music inside your body. I once knew a sage who engaged himself in the study of commercial LED lighting, believing that the patterns and luminosity would unlock hidden meditations abilities in his brain. LED lighting has become popular in our world as of late, although when it comes to buying an entire room’s worth of the stuff and setting it up in your personal meditation chamber in an attempt to hypnotize yourself into a deep state of meditation? Be wise, dear followers. Consult a doctor, or just leave commercial LED lighting to the commercial sector where it belongs. Though I do not condemn this sage for his explorations, he is now totally blind and can only communicate in strange chirping noises, which makes for some difficult meditation in the future.

Yes, people have pursued all kinds of dangerous methods to achieve true enlightenment, some more dangerous than others. I still maintain that the old ways are the best, and only true hard work will give true peace and serenity. Although if the commercial LED lighting industry wishes to work with me to create an actual strobe-meditation experience…my contact details are on the page.