A home to ease space-sickness

buyers advocacyI was reading about high tech homes recently and I think I have found the answer to my earth-grounded space-sickness. I read about houses internationally and in Australia that have been fitted with all kinds of gadgets and futuristic furnishings. There as one place with a computer intelligence in the intercom, and another place with a robot cleaner that would rotate from room to room, tidying up after you. It occurred to me that I could find a house fitted with my space needs. If only there was buyers advocacy near Melbourne who could help a retired astronaut in need.

Ever since I’ve been grounded on earth, I’ve been experiencing all kinds of side effects from the gravitational pull – nausea, sleeplessness. I’m not coping well with earth’s fatiguing, incessant drag-me-down gravity. The feeling of weightlessness, the lightness of drifting and the slow pace of floating feel much more genial to my disposition. And it’s not just the physical symptoms which are taking a toll, but it’s so depressing down here. All you can see is buildings, land formations and horizons all around – and there’s only one way to look, and that’s up. It’s seriously depressing, this limited vista. In space, you’ve got a 360 view of the universe, with dazzling stars and whole planets just a mechanical arm’s reach away….

I guess this is how people from hotter climates feel when they move to a miserable town like Melbourne where they don’t get their daily needs of vitamin D. That’s why I need to find a buyers advocate close to Melbourne who can help me find a place that’s replicates space conditions to suit my needs. The house needs to be a vacuum chamber. You enter via a door hatch foyer, put on your spacesuit and step – or float, rather – into the ubiquitous void. Now that’s what I call a home.